Our Journey

Year 2005

Pace began to provide global supply chain and Asian logistics hub center service for Fortune 500 companies, such as Levi's, Cathay Pacific, General Electric, Flextronics and Ferrero.

Year 2007

Established Shenzhen and Nanning branch. Dedicated to expand the Asia hub market for international brands

Year 2008

Established PACE Global Freight Solution Limited in response to rapid growth in air/sea freight market

Built up a wine supply chain management system and use this opportunity to become one of the major wine & liquor importer in mainland China

Year 2010

Setup offices and/ or agent offices in various cities in Mainland China

With comprehensive network offices, we intelligently set up our supply chain pipeline for our quality goods importation from over 40 countries

Year 2013

PACE Supply Chain entered a Joint Venture, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Burgundy Red SCM Limited, with Beibu Gulf Investment Group Co., LTD, one of the biggest state-owned enterprises in Guangxi, which owned over 20,000 convenience stores in Petro stations on highways in Guangxi Province (owned by the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, EasyJet, etc.)

Year 2014

Established Charmant Asia Pacific Limited focus on food and health care products

Our managing team comprises experts from Europe and China

Year 2016

Because of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council reformed, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group Co., LTD. transferred businesses to Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group Co., Ltd. and name was changed to Beibu Gulf Burgundy Red Supply Chain Limited subsequently.

Year 2017

Established Guangxi China Post Cross Border (Hong Kong) Warehouse Service as an official starting point for the PACE group E-commerce business.

Year 2018

Setup Cross Border (HK)warehouse with Guangxi Free Trade Zone Qinbao Group Co.,LTD.

Year 2019

Became the Greater China Supply Chain Partner with renowned Japanese enterprise, NIKKO Investment LTD, handling over 75,000 Japanese items

PACE Group advanced extensive digitalization and co-operated with HKTV mall to build up an electronic emporium

Year 2020 year

Co-operated with Hong Kong famous food and restaurant guide website Openrice and became their online retail store, providing high quality food to our customers.

Aspired to pace with present and bridge with future, PACE continued investment on digitalization projects such as Shopify and Westore on WeChat.

Year 2021

As the chairperson of the Hong Kong (region) Chamber of Commerce in China jointly established the Hong Kong Youth (Mainland) Entrepreneurship Service Center and Run Hong Kong with China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited, a trillion state-owned enterprises, to create a national-level co-creation space and unite RCEP ASEAN enterprises, supply chain enterprises, and agricultural innovation and technology enterprises at the landmark China Resources Building. Cheer for the future of our country and Hong Kong.

Year 2021

Pace has been collaborating with ParknShop again and getting our products on the supermarket shelves.

Year 2022

Pace works with China Resources Vanguard closely, featuring over 50 products on the U Select supermarkets.

Year 2022

Pace has been cooperating with Yata and the city’super, and selling our Japanese products in their supermarkets.

Year 2022

Starting from August 26, 2022 onward, PACE Supply Chain International will be partnered with Wellcome supermarket to supply Mifuji eggs to all Hong Kong citizens. Mifuji egg 🥚 is the top quality eggs carrying with rich Vitamin D & E, come from Shizuoka, Japan.