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Through a diversified financial technology platform, we provide supply chain financial solutions to international traders in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and use B2B Fintech system to help customers solve problems effectively:

1. The node operation of the internal and external double cycle, to achieve the collaborative cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the global supply chain, and form a closed-loop management ecology of the industry.

2. Help traditional traders to upgrade from many manual operations, paper documents and office operations to a comprehensive digital operation, replace repetitive administrative and financial management tasks with accurate and efficient corporate solutions and systems, and make human resources using more effectively.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain management we provide includes logistics management, procurement and supply chain planning, as well as related information analysis and financial management. The background of economic globalization has expanded the content and scope of our supply chain management: international logistics, production outsourcing, strategic procurement, supply chain collaboration, etc. have been developed. And our supply chain management is no longer only focusing on the internal operations of the company, but on the operation of the entire industry and value chain in the global market, as well as related risk management and sustainability.

Through our global supply chain management, with the global market as the scope, we coordinate the operations management functions of many countries involved in multinational companies. Through effective global supply chain management, multinational companies can save costs and time, and increase the reliability of material management and physical distribution.

Third party logistics

PACE Global Freight Solutions Limited provides comprehensive supply chain solutions, including warehousing, freight agency, packaging and distribution, local haulage, customs clearance and other logistic value-added services, etc. 

End-to-end One-stop service

Offering international standards and certifications services to facilitate Agricultual products to get in & out to & from Greater Chinese markets by building closed circle and systems for brands owners


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